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Debt Recovery in Germany

Our international law firm based in Munich, Germany, has several years of experience assisting non-German individual clients and business entities with collecting from their German debtors. We provide the full range of services required for debt recovery.

Our position is that legal action for debt recovery should be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible—and with the highest cost savings. Therefore, rather than immediately bringing the matter to court and incurring litigation fees, we typically recommend sending a last formal letter of demand to the German debtor. Should this not help, then our form can also assist with suing the debtor in front of the German courts.

Our lawyers have the authority to combine the typical functions of a solicitor and a barrister (as in the UK). Once a judgement has been received, our law firm will assist with processing or arranging the compulsory execution.

The most common ways to enforce a judgement are to garnish wages and bank accounts, to levy assets (processed through a bailiff), or to seize property. In addition, we can also assist with initiation and controlling compulsory execution of foreign judgements. The is cludes the enforcement processed though the EU directice 805/2004

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need additional information on our enforcement and debt collection services. Correspondence with our lawyers is possible in German, English and Italian.