Debt Collection

Dwyer Legal offers a full range of debt recovery and enforcement services for international clients including:

  • The sending of letters of demand
  • The representation of our clients within a court procedure
  • The enforcement of German or international judgements.

From the initiation of a credit collection to the legal action 

In the event that a German debtor stops paying to an international creditor (for liquidity problems, for instance), a debt collection is then usually initiated by sending a letter of demand to the debtor, through which he will be requested to pay the open amount, defaault interests and any expenses the creditor had in his home country for following up the credit. Moreover, the debtor will also be requested to refund the legal fees linked to this letter.

Dwyer Legal Law Firm is authorized to represent ist clients in front of all German civil courts (Amts-, Land- und Oberlandesgerichte).


Once a court has issued a payment order to the debtor, this judgement can be enforced in different ways, such as:

  • Garnishment of funds, bank accounts and monitary claims
  • Levying assets (processed through a bailiff)
  • Enforcement into property
  • Collecting an affidavit
  • Processing penalty payments
  • Initiating an insolvency procedure

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you need any additional information on our services in the area of Debt Collection.