EU Posting

EU posting describes the secondment of an employee, who is employed within a company in one EU Member State to a client or a company in another EU Member State. A part of this procedure is also known as the Van der Elst visa procedure.

The EU laws (in particular the directives 2018/957/EU and 96/71/EC, both concerning the posting of workers and the permission of services) define a set of mandatory rules regarding employment terms and conditions, which are standardised and protected throughout the entire EU, and thanks to which social dumping is avoided.

Posted employees – even though they continue to be employed by their home country employer – are entitled to a set of core rights in force within the hosting Member State.

This set of rights consists of:

  • Minimum wages
  • Maximum working hours per day and week
  • Minimum rest periods
  • Minimum paid annual leave
  • Hiring conditions through temporary work agencies
  • Equal treatment between men and women.

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