Temporary Employment – AÜG license in Germany

Temporary employment, also known as labour or body leasing, describes the provision of employees to other companies.

In Germany, the provision of temporary employment is strictly regulated and only permitted, if the provider is holding a special license. The process for obtaining such a license takes ca. 6 to 12 weeks. It could take longer, if the applying company has its seat in a foreign country. Once obtained it, the holder can use this license to place ist employees into the German market.

AÜG licenses can also be obtained by companies which do not have a German seat or branch office.

Dwyer Legal Law Firm can not only support with processing the application for obtaining the relevant AÜG-license, but also provides a full “end-to-end” support for the period after the license has been obtained. Our services include:

  • Support with setting up the relevant contracts
  • Consulting in regards of minimum wages and of the equal treatment principle
  • Communication with the AÜG authorities
  • Payroll and shadow payroll Services
  • Support with extending existing the relevant License

Dwyer Legal Law Firm is only acting on behalf of company clients. More information about temporary employment (AÜG) can be found in our FAQ Knowledge Base.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you need any additional information on our services in the area of Labour Leasing.