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Private legal query

Aviation Law

Our lawyers support German and international private pilots, flying schools, and flying clubs in all aspects related to aviation law. This includes insurance and liability cases.

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Work Permit Processing

Dwyer Legal Law Firm provides a full range of immigration support for highly qualified employees seeking German work visas or permanent residence permits. We also support foreign nationals with work permits for self employment.

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Permanent Residence

Under certain conditions, a work permit can be converted into a permanent residence permit, which provides the applicant with a better immigration status. with a permanent residence permit, the applicant also achives the option to carry out self-employment.

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German Citizenship

To obtain the German citizenship and a German passport, a foreigner must show that has build up a close relationship to Germany. Once obtained, also the spouse can apply for a German passport.

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Labour Law

German labour law provides employees with a high level of protection against unjustified actions, which can include the right to oppose a notice or the termination of an employment contract.

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Rental & Property Law

Dwyer Legal Law Firm supports foreign nationals in all legal aspects relating to purchasing and renting property in Germany.

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Inheritance Law

Dwyer Legal has a long experience in supporting foreign nationals in the handling inheritance cases. We also process German inheritance cases that contain international aspects.

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Family Law

Dwyer Legal provides foreign nationals with full support and consultation in all aspects of German family law, including the establishment of prenuptial agreements, custody of children, child and spouse support as well as divorce proceedings.

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Document Authentication

Dwyer Legal provides foreign natinals with full support and consulting with the legalisation and authentication of foreign documents. We also do assist with collecting with collecting or replacing a certificate of non-impediment to marriage, where required.

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