Our Law Firm

Law firm with international and multilingual focus

Our law firm, Dwyer Legal is located in the heart of Munich. Our firm focuses on supporting international clients in various languages, including German, English and Italian. We do support both, company and private clients.

In regard to company clients, we are focusion on immigration law and especially on the support of international companies, deputing their employees to Germany. This includes the support of our clients with setting up company entities in Germany and with working out the relevant contracts.

Philosophie, Case initiation and fees

I our opinion, a lawyer is in a similar situation as a doctor: The more the knows, the better he can cure the problem and/or develop a target-oriented strategy for his client. Also, both, a doctor and a lawyer, should also only treat those problems he is really an expert for.

To allow us to meet the our own high targets and to identify if we can really assist the individual client, we usually initiate every client relationship or case work with a pre-discussion of the case and it’s background. This also allows us to gain a first understanding of the legal problems involved, and the options given and will often also already allow to identify the chances of success.

These meetings then also usually give us the possibility to develop and communicate a general idea of the probable costs.

Depending on the circumstances and the complexity of the case, the pre-discussion itself can be either offered for a flat fee or will be charted by hourly rate. The same will be discussed and defined in an initial call with our lawyers.