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Practice areas

Company Work Permit Services

Our detailed legal knowledge in the field of immigration enables us to provide our company clients with the most optimised services in the entire field of immigration.

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Employee secondments

Dr. Dwyer Legal law fim provides a full range of consulting in regard to the deputation of employees to Germany.

Our company supporting services cover the entire secondment process, starting from the visa-filing via on-site formalities up to payroll processing and tax consulting.

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Labour Law

Dr. Dwyer legal consults companies in all areas related to the employment of employees.

Our consulting services cover the entire range of labour law, including the establishment and the termination of employment contracts.

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Temporary Employment (AÜG)

In Germany, temporary employment (provision of employees to other companies) can only be provided by companies holding an AÜG-license. The provider also needs to have a detailed knowledge of the relevant regulations.

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Minimum Wage Law

Germany has established a minimum wage law (MiLoG), which is not only binding for German based companies, but also needs to be observed when international companies are deputing thier employees to Germany.

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Tax & Payroll processing

Focussing on the support of companies with business activities in Germany, our law firm also provides tax and pay-roll services.

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Company Setup in Germany

The establishment of a business, a company or a branch office in Germany needs to be prepared and processed under consideration of many different aspects. Areas of civil, tax and immigration law need to be considered.

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Contract Law

The better a contract is prepared, the easier it is to fully concentrate on successfully fulfilling the intentions. Dr. Dwyer Legal is in the position to support with creating, assessing and optimising all types of business contracts, including company statutes.

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Debt Recovery in Germany

Dr. Dwyer Legal supports foreign clients in all topics relating to the following up of credits and debt collection in Germany.

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Dr. Dwyer legal offers a full range of enforcement services from German, EU and international judgements.

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