Rental & Property Law

Rental (or landlord-tenant) law in Germany

Rental law addresses the relationship between landlords and tenants in the leasing of property.

Private: Private rentals are highly regulated under German law and lean heavily in favor of protecting the tenant. However, it is still possible to add legally binding regulations to the contract, so it’s very important to thoroughly review it before signing. Our team can assist you with translating and interpreting the contract and advise you on any legal ramifications.

Commercial: The law surrounding commercial rental is less rigidly defined, facilitating greater flexibility in the contract definitions. However, those definitions are then binding for both sides. The setup of such a commercial rental contract needs rigorous attention and should be guided by rental law experts.

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Purchasing property in Germany

In general, there are no restrictions to foreigners buying property in Germany. You may buy property in Germany even if you are not an EU citizen and a non-resident of Germany . You are legally required to use a public notary to complete the sale or purchase of a property. Contracts are signed in the presence of a notary and are in German.

If you would like to buy or sell property in Germany, our legal team can support you in the process.

  • We can help you understand the legal requirements of the national market.
  • We can help you to work out the purchase contract.
  • We can assist with double-checking the contract and any further negotiation before signing.

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