Inheritance Law

Inheritance law (or law of succession) is the base for the management and distribution of a deceased person’s assets (and/or debts), which will to over to the successors as defined by law or by will.

Under German law, heirs to an estate are defined by family relationships. Depending on the heir’s position in the family tree, closer relatives can exclude others in the same bloodline. Children and spouses usually take precedence over all other family members. Provided that the entitlement of very close relatives is respected, the legal order of succession can be changed by a will or testamentary contract.

Legal advice is highly recommended in both cases to ensure compliance with the individual’s intentions and with the requirements of German law.

In addition, our law firm also support German and international clients when it comes to the asset transfer and the division of the goods. Our lawyers are qualified to combine the roles of solicitor and barrister and are therefore in the position to represent our clients in cases throughout Germany at all levels of the federal and regional court system.

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