German Citizenship

Dwyer Legal supports foreign nationals with processing German citizenship applications. When the application is accepted, the client receives a German passport.

An application for a German passport typically requires that the applicant:

  • Currently holds a German work or residency permit
  • Has resided in Germany for at least 8 years
  • Has the income to support himself and his family (exceptions made for people under age 23)
  • Is proficient in the German language (B1 level)
  • Pledges an oath on the German constitution
  • Gives up his current passport / nationality
  • Has no criminal convictions

Spouses of German citizens seeking naturalization must meet the following criteria before filing an application.

  • Married to German spouse for two years
  • Resident in Germany for three years

Please note that German citizenship is not determined by place of birth, so a child born in Germany will not automatically receive a German passport. A German passport can be obtained if the parents meet certain conditions.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our German citizenship application support services.