Family Law

Family law encompasses a broad range of legal topics involving family and domestic relationships. It includes marriage, divorce, and child custody. International family law can be particularly complex.

Dwyer Legal Law Firm provides foreign nationals with advice and representation in all aspects of German family law.

This starts with the consulting and setup of prematural agreements, in being extened by consulting services during the marriage and also includes the initiation and support of divorce procedures with all their consequences. This includes the identification and establishment of personal and financial support, also towards the children and the separation of good, where relevant.

Our lawyers are qualified to combine the roles of solicitor and barrister and are therefore in the position to represent our clients in cases throughout Germany at all levels of the federal and regional court system.

In addition, our firm is also in the position to support with the recognition of foreign Jugdements (divorce rulings etc.) in Germany.

Please contact us should you need additional information on our family law services.