Our Law Firm

Law firm in Munich with international and multilingual focus

Dwyer Legal Law Firm, located in the heart of Munich, is focusing on the support of international clients. We are specialised in civil, commercial, employment law.

Dwyer Legal Law Firm is also one of Germany’s leading providers of immigration services for companies. This includes the full support of our company clients with visa and work permit processing, consulting in relation to the different options given (Blue Card, Secondment, ICT etc.) plus a full legal support and consulting in all other areas linked to the engagement of foreign employees in Germany (tax consulting, payroll processing, handling of social contributions etc.).

Other areas we are providing services in are:

All legal services (including the creation of documents can be provided in German, English, and Italian).

Our lawyers are qualified to combine the roles of solicitor and barrister and, therefore, represent our clients in cases throughout Germany at all levels of the federal and regional court system.

Our client-based philosophy

We think that a lawyer should be more than just a provider of technical work.

A good lawyer should look beyond the details of the case and should try to always identify the true facts, so he can then also develop a concept which is not only a possible option but really tailored to the client’s interests. The relation with the client should be more a partnership than a technical relationship.

Fees and typical case initiation

Our intention is to always provide our clients with the most professional legal support in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible.

To allow us to identify the ideal client specific strategy, every client relationship or case work is being initiated with a pre-discussion with the client wither by phone or in our office, which then usually also already allows to gain a first understanding of the situation and also to have an initiatitial discussions on the options given and the chances of success. These meetings then also usually give us the possibility to develop and communicate a general idea of the probable costs.

Depending on the circumstances and the complexity of the case, the pre-discussion itself can be either offered for a flat fee or will be charted by hourly rate. The same will be discussed and defined in an initial call with our lawyers.

Please feel free to contact us should you need any additional information on our consulting services or fee structure.