Work Permit Processing

To work in Germany, most nationals form other than EU states need a visa for the entry to the country and a work permit for carrying out the work in Gemany. Citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and the US can enter Germany without a visa, but also need to submit a work permit application before starting any work activity in Germany.

The most frequent work visa types are for Germany are:

  • EU Blue Card visa
  • Deputation visa
  • ICT visa
  • Freelance visa and self-employment permits
  • CEO visa
  • Permanent residence permits
  • Family member visa and residence permits

Our client-focused service packages provide an end-to-end service for work permit applications. This includes:

  • Initial consultation with client to determine which type of visa is best
  • Document preparation
  • Filing the application
  • Follow-up correspondence with immigration authorities
  • Dependency services
  • Full consultation services when converting to another type of work permit

Related services are company formation assistance for foreigners and contractual and labour law support and consulting.

Please feel free to Contact us for more information regarding our visa and work permit sevices.