German Citizenship

The German citizenship law establishes the principle of descent or Jus sanguinis, according to which a person born of German parents is a German citizen.

A foreigner can apply for German Citizenship, if he fulfils the following requirements:

  • Currently holding a German work or residency permit
  • Have been residing in Germany for at least 8 years
  • having an income to support him/herself and his/her family (exceptions made for people under age 23)
  • Having a good knowledge of the German language (B1 Level-intermediate)
  • Pledging an oath on the German constitution
  • Giving up his/her current nationality
  • Having no criminal convictions

Spouses of German citizens can be naturalized, if they are:

  • are married to a German spouse for two years;
  • reside in Germany since at least three years.

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